Should You Plant Olive Trees in Your Garden?

olive tree suppressionA gardener who knows how to practice olive tree fruit suppression and lives in an area where olive trees aren’t banned outright should certainly consider planting this beautiful tree in their garden.

Most of them do not grow higher than 50 feet and have oblong leaves of pale, silver green. They have an interesting habit, and the trunk is often contorted and very wide in older trees. Olive trees grow slowly and live a very long time. There are some in the Mediterranean regions that are over 1000 years old and still bearing fruit.

The Problem With Olive Trees

The problem with olive trees comes when they are finally old enough to reproduce and bear fruit. Many people are allergic to their pollen, which is wind-borne. The fruit that falls from the tree makes a mess.

Some people do not know that olives are not simply picked from the tree and eaten out of hand like apples and peaches. The olives need to be fermented and cured to remove their bitter taste, and homeowners who grow the trees for their pleasing looks have neither the time nor inclination to do this.

These trees have male and female flowers on the same plant, so a gardener cannot opt for a male plant as they would in the case of the gingko tree. This is where olive tree fruit suppression comes in.

Olive Tree Suppression

Suppression is a fancy term for treating the tree in a way that stops it from setting fruit. New growth with blossoms appear in the spring so this is the time to cut them back.

Another option is to spray the tree with a chemical such as Maintain CF1 25 or naphthaleneacetic acid. This should be done about three days before it blooms and on a day when the wind is calm. Your gardener will need to wear a breathing mask and be sure that the tree’s buds and branches are covered thoroughly with the spray. This process should be repeated in a week.

If any buds appear on the tree after it is sprayed, a powerful stream of water from the garden house should be used to knock them off.

One bit of good news about olive trees is that even old ones can be pulled up and transplanted without experiencing shock. If the gardener really can’t live with the olive tree anymore, it can be donated to another home fairly easily.


Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Awesome

homeMany homeowners are looking for great ways to improve their home decor, and many are working with a limited budget. Ideally, you may want to renovate your entire space to update the décor as well as invest in new furnishings for every room in the home. However, such significant efforts are often not feasible for most homeowners. The good news is that you can easily dress up the look of your home on a dime by following these simple tips.

Clear Away the Clutter Through Improved Organization

One of the biggest factors that can detract from your home decor is clutter, so focusing on organization is a great starting point. Go through your entire home room-by-room to toss away trash or to donate items that you have not used in years. This includes removing clutter from closets, drawers and other storage spaces. In many instances, homeowners can free up a considerable amount of space by giving the remaining items a space of their own. In some cases, you may need to invest in under-the-bed storage bins, place extra items in the attic or even lease a storage unit to store larger items off-site.

Re-Paint the Walls and Trim

Once you have completed this step, you can get serious about updating home decor. The walls are among the most noticeable features of the home and adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls and trim can easily dress up your space. You can re-apply the same color to essentially whitewash the space and bring it to life, or you can add a different color to change the look of the room. Consider using a higher gloss paint to add a light sheen to the walls. Higher gloss paint may also be easier to keep clean in the future because it can easily be wiped down.

Focus on the Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can be used in several creative ways to add style and function to the room. For example, mirrors can be hung on the walls in a smaller room to enhance lighting and to give the illusion of having more space. Bookshelves can be installed to add extra storage space where needed. If you do not have a functional need for a wall hanging, consider investing in quality artwork that enhances the décor.

Update Lamps and Light Fixtures

A final and often affordable way to improve your décor is to update lamps and light fixtures. These are noticeable features in a home, but they are often overlooked when updating a space. Focus on updating the style and finish of built-in and tabletop features for the best results.

While you could renovate your entire home, your finances may prevent you from doing so. You can, however, enjoy cost-effective results when you follow these helpful tips. Get started working on your home today, and you may soon enjoy life in a home that looks awesome.


Best Ways to Decorate After Holidays

home decorFrom January to April, decorating the home becomes tricky. There are a lot of ideas for how to highlight holidays or general seasons, but for a home decorator who is looking for less of a theme yet more than their usual decor, the options seem limited.

Monica Hart, interior designer and owner of Monica Hart Interior Design, has been working with home interiors for more than 20 years.

Though Hart specializes in new construction and remodels, she also knows a thing or two about decorating.

“Changing out decor gets people excited for the upcoming season. It makes you feel good, especially during the spring,” she says.

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Holiday House Tour 2016

christmas decorIf we’re in the car driving around at night and we see a house or a yard all decorated with Christmas lights, there’s one guarantee, and that is that a tiny 2 year old voice will shout “It’s Christmastime!” from the back seat. Yup, it’s hilarious. And it can happen fifteen times within the course of a minute. And we still laugh and cheer every time. Christmas is in fact upon us. And as someone who resists the urge to drag the decorations out for a while and then finally gets the bug and CAN’T FREAKING WAIT, well, that happened yet again, and the house transitioned from “waiting to exhale be festive” to “so ridicccccculously festive” in a matter of days. And I’m like, “It’s CHRISTMASTIME!”

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Easy DIY Mudcloth Pillow

DIY Mudcloth PillowHas anyone else been crushing on mudcloth lately?

Well, just in case you’ve missed seeing it (absolutely everywhere!), and are yet to learn about its origin, mudcloth (also know as bogolanfini or bogolan) is a traditional African textile characterised by relaxed geometric symbols in predominantly neutral tones. It has a thick nubby texture and its subtle yet distinct patterns work well in almost any interior scheme, imparting a gentle tribal or boho hint.

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How to Mat Your Own Photos

photo matWord on the street is that I’ve got a few of your interested in editing your own photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.

Word on the street is that you may just want to give it a shot.

It’s easy stuff, friends. Like, really easy.

For today’s project, I’m editing a few family photos with the Black & White Color Pop Guided Edit. Photoshop Elements lets you add a single pop of color to your black and white photo, which I think is mighty pretty. I’ve wanted to create this effect on my photos for a while, but honestly, I wasn’t sure how to do it. These days, I can get it done in a couple of minutes…

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Cozy Metallic Cottage Christmas Decor

cozy metallic christmas decorDo you ever decorate for the holidays & then completely regret the direction you went in? Yah, me neither. Just kidding.. I am one of those people whos brain never ever shuts off so when I complete something I wonder what it would look like if I went in another direction.

It never stops. Today, I was wandering the aisles of home goods looking for wrapping paper… it sounds super luxurious, but it was more like me running through the store because I only had 10 minutes & digging through piles of unorganized wrapping paper and ribbon. I ended up finding the most beautiful metallic rose gold wrapping paper & creamy whites & in that very moment I regretted our Christmas decor.

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How We Organized Our Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers: A Video Tour

kitchen remodelThe kitchen post train is pulling into the station once again, this time with a look behind the scenes doors & drawers to show you what John and Sherry put where.

Where’s the trash? Where are the knives? What about that blender for my morning smoothies? Where’s all the dang food?

Well, all is about to be revealed. They even recorded a quick video tour since they loved this kitchen organization tour shared last year.

Check the video here

15 Minute DIY Gold Bracket Shelves

DIY Gold Bracket ShelvesYou guys are going to love this easy twist on a great project! Its no secret that most people love a good upside down bracket shelf situation. They are SO easy to DIY and inexpensive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Shelf Brackets
Hex Screws (1/2″ for the corner braces and to attach the shelves to the brackets and 1 1/2″ to attach the brackets to the wall)
4″ Corner Brace L Bracket
Gold Spray Paint

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How To Create A Vintage Industrial Look On Furniture…using Chalk Paint & Black Wax

using black waxI love it when the launch of a new product provides the perfect excuse to tackle a well over-due project.
Such was the case with the release of Black Wax by Annie Sloan.
Teamed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Antibes Green” it seemed like the perfect way to jazz-up some blah file drawers I bought years ago.
Used right, Black Wax produces a very authentic-looking vintage patina, which nods to industrial and has lots of grungy character. I know it’s not for everyone, though it was exactly the look I envisioned when I first spied these boring naked drawers. And achieving it was even easier than I thought!

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